How to use National Open University of Nigeria Courseware

What is the NOUN Courseware?

This is one question i have been asked, several times and it's surprising to know that more than 50% of NOUN students are not aware of a huge free online library for students to learn free.

The Noun courseware or Noun course materials is an online library, where the school provides details guidelines for all accredited programmes in the school, helping and aiding students to learn and grow their knowledge.

However, the school board has disclosed that None of the NOUN course material should be sold offline or online, because it is provided for free by the academic institution.

Anyone who is caught selling the noun ecourseware should be prepared for the law.

Please note that before you will be able able to read any of the course materials in this library, you must have Adobe acrobat reader successfully installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader installed and would like to download it, proceed to the adobe reader portal and download it for free.

Your device must also be able to read PDF files before you can be able to read these coursewares online, i 100% totally recommend this, because it helps the students know more about their course and it broadens their knowledge too.

Before you will be able to read any of the course materials, you must click on the Title for that material. beside the title you want. Take note that the material will then open in a new window. Once you are done reading it, simply close the window to return to this Courseware dashboard and read as much information as you want.

However, if you wish to save the course material after reading it, proceed and download the file online, you can do this by clicking the save button in Adobe acrobat reader.

However, there's an alternative, you can just wish to download the course material for reading later without opening it first, then right-click the link and select the “save link as…” option to save the file directly to your computer or Mobile phone to read after.

Please be informed that if you want to search through the Courseware for any course material from the vast course materials, just proceed and visit or go to the “Course Material”, and use the search box.

However, if by chance you did not see or find your course material in the Courseware, please be patient as the materials are being coverted and added on a day to day basis by the NOUN authorities.

If you have any questions regarding the Courseware library please contact the Head web unit by,(pls Note: Only emails with respect to Courseware issues are allowed here and not general Enquiries,Thank you). The subject of the email should be “Open Courseware“.

Thank You.
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