Top Six Most Popular Characters in Comics Today

Have you ever wonder who are the top ten comics characters in our today world??

When i saw this list, i was seriously wondering why AVATER Aang was not on the list, characters who made the lists are:
1. Aquaman,
2.Dark Knight,
3. Flash,
4. Superman,
5. Green Lantern,
6. Wonderwoman

But seriously, where is the infamous Tom and Jerry???

Okay, here is so few top news you need to know about the top 6 comics characters.

These Character's comics are not only in stores, but are always available in larger quantity than the others, I know you already have two or more of them in mind immediately you saw the Title, well, you are right! When you check out the DC comic Official website, they're always there in front. They had been reigning right from the beginning of DC comics ...till date.

Though, I checked for new statistics, it's still the same, nothing changed, so here they are guys! Most Popular Characters/Super Heroes in DC Comics:

1. Superman: You'd probably give me a slap if I didn't put him as number One in the list, but we have to be h the comic universe as a whole.

He comes from planet Krypton, when he was a baby, his planet got into trouble which lead to the complete destruction of his world and everything in it, living and non-living, he seems to be the only Survivor who escaped to planet earth, ... you know the story don't you?

2. Batman (The Dark Knight) : Also known as The Dark Knight, I didn't lay hands on much of his comics, his name is Bruce Wayne, just like that of Kent, it's a hidden identity, but the guy is Rich Stuff, his life boils back to whh which made him who is he is today.
He's always ready to fight injustice in the dark streets of Gotham City.

3. Won: Yeah!, The name's Princess Diana, I love her! We all do, I remember the first time I set my eyes on her, she was a glamour, fully packed and strong, then she stared back at me.

I smileealised, Oops, it's a book, and She's a Hero.

Well, Wonderman, like Superman, is a demi-god, she's an immortal of Amazon, from Greek myths, she's been here from the beginning, and she still rocks.

4. Green Lantern: Oh Enjoy talking about this guy! His Ring, the Power, the Strength, the Shield it brings, he really is one of my greatest heros, especially when I see him do stuffs with his ring, Green lantern's Ring is the most powerful weapon any Human can posses on Earth.

Hal Jordan had surpassed his fears and past experiences which fetched him the ring after saving a dying Alien that crashed on earth.
Now he has amazing ability to create endless might from Pure energy to fight villains who are against earth and his alien friend's planet.

5. AquaMan To be honest, I didn't see much of his Actions in Justice League Heroes Animated Series, still, he's One of the nest every DC fan look out for, when you think Water, you think AquaMan, so it's more like you think of him always.

Aquaman hails from Atlantis, from where he was later discovered and chosen to be King after spending years on Land.

Aquaman has super strength, muscles, impenetrable skin, super senses, and ability to communicate with Sea creatures and live both in land and water.
Isn't that quite a good advantage over the others? His life is two sided on earth and that's what makes him special I guess.

6. Flash Just as the name sounds, he moved at the Speed of light, His name's Barry Allen. A young dude who was crazed by science, same thing that ended him up to be the fastest guy alive, he can travel a thousand Miles in the blink of an eye.

He can run on water, walls, almost anything.

I really have nothing else to describe him with but "SPEED... OF LIGHT"

Okay, I hang up here, I know you have some Heroes in mind maybe DC should have promoted or something to add to the list, well, telling Us by dropping a comment isn't a bad idea. Meanwhile, it takes a second, just Share this stuff. Till our next update, remain a Comic fan, and did you noticed that all this people are JUSTICE LEAGUE COMICS??

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